The Department of Geology was started as an undergraduate department in the year 1959 in an outhouse belonging to Zoology Department before occupying the KBR Hall in 1963. In that year, B.Sc. (Hons/Major) course was also introduced in the department. The M.Sc. course was started in 1986 under Gauhati University. It received the financial assistance from the DST, Govt. of India under its FIST programme. The department also received fund from the UGC under the scheme ‘Basic Scientific Research (BSR)’. The laboratories of the department have sound infrastructure for carrying out Ph.D. research. At present, the department has ten faculty members including one Adjunct Professer as well as three office staff.

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Recent Publications

  • Dr. Amiya Barua (2021) : Optimal Softening for Gravitational Force Calculations in N-body Dynamics, The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 911, Issue 2; doi:10.3847/1538-4357/abe94d
    Publish by: The American Astronomical Society
    Publish on: 19-April-2021

  • Dr. Bibhuti Gogoi (2020) : Understanding mafic-felsic magma interactions in a subvolcanic magma chamber using rapakivi feldspar: a case study from the Bathani volcano-sedimentary sequence, E. India, Chemie-der-Erde-Geochemistry;
    Publish by: Elsevier
    Publish on: 31-December-2020

  • Dr. Bibhuti Gogoi (2020) : Origin of porphyritic texture by magma mixing in the andesitic rocks of Ghansura Rhyolite Dome from the Bathani volcano-sedimentary sequence, Eastern India,
    Publish by: Geochemical Society of Japan
    Publish on: 15-December-2020

  • Dr. Bibhuti Gogoi (2020) : Viscous dilation as a mechanism of magma mixing in the Ghansura Rhyolite Dome of Bathani volcano-sedimentary sequence, E India, Periodico di Mineralogia 89:285-295 DOI:10.2451/2020PM16635
    Publish by: Edizioni Nuova Cultura
    Publish on: 05-October-2020

  • Dr. Amiya Barua (2020) : Cold Plumes Initiated by Rayleigh‐Taylor Instabilities in Subduction Zones, and Their Characteristic Volcanic Distributions: The Role of Slab Dip., Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, 125(8);
    Publish by: American Geophysical Union
    Publish on: 24-July-2020

  • Dr. Bibhuti Gogoi (2020) : Significance of viscous folding in the migmatites of Chotanagpur Granite Gneiss Complex, eastern India, Earth-and-Environmental-Science-Transactions-of-the-Royal-Society-of-Edinburgh;
    Publish by: Royal Society of Edinburgh
    Publish on: 01-July-2020

  • Dr. Bibhuti Gogoi (2020): Mafic-felsic magma interactions in the Bathani volcanic-plutonic complex of Chotanagpur Granite Gneiss Complex, eastern India: implications for assembly of the Greate, Episodes; Vol. 43(2); pp.785-810;
    Publish by: International Union of Geological Sciences
    Publish on: 04-May-2020

  • Dr. Ananya Chutia (2020): Petrography and Clay Mineralogcal Study of the Siwalik Group of Rocks Exposed along Paighat-Mariyang Road Section, East Siang District, Arunachal Pradesh, Northeast India, Journal of the Geological Society of India; Vol. 95; pp. 263-272;
    Publish by: (Geological Society of India)
    Publish on: 02-March-2020

  • Dr. Amulya Mazumdar (2020): The Plasma Spectroscopic study of Dergaon Meteorite, India, Molecules; Vol. 25(4);
    Publish by: MDPI, Basel, Switzerland
    Publish on: 22-February-2020

  • Dr. Santanu Sarma (2019). Effect of Channel Width Contraction at Bogibeel Bridge Site on the Morphology of the River Brahmaputra., Bulletin of Pure and Applied Sciences (Geology); Vol. 38F; P. 128-140
    Publish by: (BPAS Publications)
    Publish on: 18-December-2019

  • Dr. Parag Jyoti Dutta & Dr. Santanu Sarma (2019): A Field Verification Based Statistical Approach toward Landslide Susceptibility Assessment, Bulletin of Pure and Applied Sciences (Geology). Vol. 38F, No.2;: pp. 266-273
    Publish by: Bulletin of Pure and Applied Sciences (BPAS Publications)
    Publish on: 16-December-2019

  • Dr. Ananya Chutia (2019): Provenance of the Yinkiong Group exposed along Pasighat-Mariyang Road section, East Siang District: A Petrographic , heavy mineral, and clay mineralogical approach, Indian Journal of Geosciences; Vol.73; no. 4; pp.253-264
    Publish by: Geological Survey of India
    Publish on: 02-December-2019

  • Dr. Bibhuti Gogoi (2019) : Mineral Chemistry, Sr-Nd Isotope Geochemistry and Petrogenesis of the Granites of Bathani Volcao-Sedimentary Sequence from the Northern Fringe of CGGC of Eastern India, In: Mondal M (eds) Geological Evolution of the Precambrian Indian Shield. Society of Earth Scientists Series. Springer, Cham, 79-120
    Publish by: Society of Earth Scientist Series
    Publish on: 16-May-2019

  • Dr. Bibhuti Gogoi (2019): The genesis of emulsion texture owing to magma mixing in the ghansura felsic dome of the Chotanagpur granite gneiss complex of eastern India, The Canadian Mineralogist 57,; 2019; pp 311-338;
    Publish by: Canadian Mineralogical (Mineralogical Society of Canada)
    Publish on: 10-May-2019

  • Dr. Bibhuti Gogoi (2019). An appraisal of crustal structure of the Indo-Burmese subduction region, Journal of Geodynamics 127; 2019; pp 16-30;
    Publish by: Journal of Geodynamics (Elsevier)
    Publish on: 06-May-2019

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