Laboratory & Instrumentation Facility

Geology department has four laboratories which are : Laboratory Name:            
1. Petrological & Ore Microscopy Lab.
2. Experimental Geodynamics Lab
3. Sedimentological& Hydrogeological Lab.
4. Remote Sensing & GIS Laboratory

The Petrological & Ore Microscopy Lab has 3 Trinocular microscopes and 17 binocular petrological microscopes and 5 ore microscopes. It is equipped with a rock cutting, grinding and polishing machines.

Experimental Geodynamic Lab is equipped with Modular Compact Rheometer, Shear Apparatus and other computational devices.

Sedimentological & Hydrogeological Lab is equipped with Distillation Apparatus, Sieving Shaker, Digital pH Meter, Electrical Conductivity Meter, Digital and Electronic balances.

The Remote Sensing & GIS Lab is equipped with 10 nos. of Desktop computers with GIS & Remote Sensing software, 1 Electronic Total Station, 1 A-0 size plotter, 15 hand held GPS, 2 Laser Printers and 1 scanner. However, at present the department does not have a dedicated Computer Lab. The Remote Sensing and GIS Lab serves the purpose of the Computer Lab partially.