Laboratory & Instrumentation Facility

The Department of Geology has five laboratories:        

1. Petrological & Ore Microscopy Laboratory

2. Experimental Geodynamics Laboratory

3. Sedimentological & Hydrogeological Laboratory

4. Remote Sensing & GIS Laboratory

5. Rock Mechanics & Rock Engineering Laboratory


The Petrological & Ore Microscopy Lab has 3 Trinocular microscopes and 17 binocular petrological microscopes and 5 ore microscopes. It is equipped with a rock cutting, grinding and polishing machines.

The experimental Geodynamic Lab is equipped with Modular Compact Rheometer, Shear Apparatus and other computational devices.

The Sedimentological & Hydrogeological Lab is equipped with a Distillation Apparatus, Sieve Shaker, Digital pH Meter, Electrical Conductivity Meter, and Digital and Electronic balances.

The Remote Sensing & GIS Lab is equipped with 10 nos. of Desktop computers with GIS & Remote Sensing software, 1 Electronic Total Station, 1 A-0 size plotter, 15 hand-held GPS, 2 Laser Printers and one scanner. However, the department currently does not have a dedicated Computer Lab. The Remote Sensing and GIS Lab partially serves the Computer Lab's purpose.

The Rock Mechanics & Rock Engineering Laboratory is equipped with a Rock core drilling machine, Rock cutting machine, Compression testing machine, Digital data logger, Point Load Index Testing Machine, Brazilian Tensile Strength Testing Machine, Hot air oven, Muffle furnace, Stacked deep resistivity meter, Atterberg limit testing kit, Slake durability apparatus, Workstation, etc.